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Sophie is a rootless cosmopolitan in exodus from academia; a translator; a queer anti-racist trans-feminist commie who likes to write; and a cyborg who vacillates between this nickname and the alternately gendered ‘Sophielle’, ‘Saffoo’ … Saff … Sophus.

Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family is out on May 7 2019 (at Verso).

I write with Out of the Woods and I edit at Blind Field Journal. Until March 2017 I was at the University of Manchester doing a geography PhD. My home now is West Philadelphia, where I pretend to be looking for ‘serious’ employment and generally persist in an almost certainly unsustainable relation of cheerful dispossession from, and ambivalence towards, cultural and academic employer-institutions.

You can email me if you want to, at [the name of this blog] [at] gmail [dot] com or by DM-ing me on Twitter.

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