Sophie Lewis

Writer, Theorist, Teacher


Politics Theory Other podcast – Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family
January 2019

LRB Bookshop Podcast with Joanna Biggs – Full Surrogacy Now
June 2019

The Dig podcast – with Daniel Denvir – Abolish the Family
July 2019

e-flux podcast – with Mariana Silva – Wages for Womb-Work
November 2019

Against Everyone With Conner Habib – Families, Quarantines, Witches
April 2020

Rabbles Podcast – on Shulamith Firestone
February 2021

Big Mood Little Mood – with Daniel Lavery – on Chosen Family
June 2021

Very Specific Interview with Sarah Miller – Cheese Trutherism
July 2021

The Death Panel – Repro-Utopia – with Bea Adler-Bolton and Artie Vierkant
October 2021

Town Hall Seattle – conversation with Kyla Schuller on The Trouble with White Women
January 2022

Podcast For Social Research – The End of Abortion
May 2022

Final Straw Radio – Abortion, Family, Queerness and Private Property
July 2022

The Heteropessimists – with Jennifer Hamilton – Domestic Ecologies and Family Abolition
July 2022

The Death Panel podcast – Against Forced Life – with Bea and Artie
August 2022

The Good Robot – with Kerry Mackereth and Eleanor Drage – on Technofeminisms
August 2022